Results Call for Works 2009


At the start of the year ISCM-Flanders convenes a reading jury to select a number of important works with international potential out of recent Flemish creations.

For this year Eric Sleichim received the honor to compose and to chair a jury.He chose composer and conductor Filip Rathé and musicologist Maarten Beirens as fellow jurymembers.

They were extremely enthusiast of the high quality of the entries, so it wasn’t really simple to make a selection. They finally chose 7 compositions out of the 22 entries. Artistic invention, audacity and radicality, artisanal craftsmanship and refinement as well as the question if the works represented a clearly higher value to their respective genre were taken into account. The logistical feasibility and the presentation of the scores were also judged.  The selected works are, in alfabetical order: 

Luc BREWAEYS - Cardhu for flute, clarinet, bass trombone, percussion, piano, violin, viola and violoncello

Wim HENDERICKX - Disappearing in Light for mezzo-soprano, alto flute, viola and percussion

Daan JANSSENS - (Etude scènographique) for mezzo-soprano, bass flute, bass clarinet, piano, percussion, viola and violoncello

Frank NUYTS - Innocence in admiration for oboe, horn, bassoon, percussion, violin, viola, violoncello, double bass and piano

Stefan PRINS - Erosie (Memory Space #1) for viola and bajan/accordion

Annelies VAN PARYS – Second symphony for orchestra  

Serge VERSTOCKT - Twisted pair #1 for 4 saxophones, contrabass clarinet, contrabassoon, percussion, violoncello, double bass, harp, 2 Tibetan horns and electronics

From the juryreport:  

About Luc BREWAEYS - Cardhu "brilliant orchestration", "strong internal consistency" " the harmonic approach testifies of bravery and fantasy"  

About Wim HENDERICKX - Disappearing in Light "a beautiful balance between the meditative content of the work and the technically demanding and innovative language”, "the use of a conceptual and at the same time practical notation ensures the feasibility for performance”, “the use of new techniques is consequent and always motivated by the substantive concept”  

About Daan JANSSENS - (Etude scènographique) "the sober material treatment is to the point and reveals a talented composer. Though an introvert style predominates, it’s clear that the composer shows affinity with the theatrical aspect”, “daring in the constraints which the composer imposes on himself”  

About Frank NUYTS - Innocence in admiration "great refinement", "a nostalgic composition which hides more than what one suspects from the surface”  About Stefan PRINS - Erosie (Memory Space #1) "strong construction of tension", "great structural clarity", "a balanced integration of discipline and fantasy "  

About Annelies VAN PARYS - Second symphony "a great richness of harmony and color”, “a strong command of large form along with a sense of detail”  

About Serge VERSTOCKT - Twisted pair #1 "This radical score shows an audacity and a vision which reaches beyond the purely musical”, "successful integration of space, electronic and acoustic sounds”


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